Take My Hand

I am happy to report that Take My Hand was sold!

Take My Hand (2016)

When I create art, I don’t look to explain the art or image. I leave that to you the viewer. But I ask you if your heart is heavy if you feel as though your drifting underwater (even if it’s just for a day) look up “Oh, ye of little faith.” (Matthew 14:31) There in the murkiness of life is Jesus above you with his outstretched hand, but it’s up to you to grasp hold.

Commercial cotton batiks and hand-dyed fabrics; fused raw edge appliqué on canvas.

36in. x 48in.

Emily Easley

#emilyeasley #faithinfiber #jesus #fiberart #artquilt #takemyhand #bridgewaychristianchurchEmilyEasley_TakeMyHand_2017

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