As one closes, another opens

20170114_122336_llsI’ve been busy. I don’t get to do much in the way of art these days. With starting up a small soap business to taking care of my boys and volunteering my services for my quilt guild, life keeps me away from creating art. 2016 brought many challenges my way, but I’m hopeful that I can make 2017 more productive. I’ve already completed my first shawl about a week ago! This year, my goal is to finish some unfinished projects started in previous years!


My 20-year-old stepson, Austin, joined the US Air Force and is off on a plane to San Antonio, TX for boot camp. His future looks solidly promising and stable.  It’s a new adventurous chapter for him, but an apprehensive one for his parents; however, I’m confident, he’ll be just fine.

This month has been tough already, sickness, weather, and other pesky critter problems; I hope to move on into February with a much better ending.


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