How I Price My Work

When I moved my blog, I lost some posts and documents. So, this is a repost of an old post in a pdf document form. I’ve updated the pricing breakdown and made it a pdf.


About Emily Easley

Why grimysoapworks? It’s simple. You play all day. You get grimy. You need soap. We make soap. Soap is our middle name. Buy it, you'll like it! 😉 Hi! My name is Emily. I’m the sole owner and operator at grimysoapworks. I’ve been making soap for almost 10 years now and I keep it simple. It’s handmade, it’s natural and I focus on gift soaps, novelty soaps, vegan soaps, natural and organic soaps. You need soap. I got plenty! You need lip balm? You'll love mine! You need a beard balm. I got it! You need a muscle rub. I’ve got a fantastic one! Come see what else I have. - Emily

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