Take My Hand


Take My Hand
“Take My Hand”, October 2016, Raw edge fusible applique stretched on canvas, 48″ x 36″

It occurred to me that I hadn’t updated my blog with my latest work and since I moved my blog, I lost some posts and pages. Bummer.I’ll have to try to retrieve or rebuild the important ones.


Truth be told, I have been so busy this year with building my soap business and focusing my time on an essential duty with my Quilt Guild as their new webmaster and rebuilding their website that I had let my own personal endeavors fade.  But I did complete one piece this year, which most everyone who is on Facebook or Instagram got to see.

The weekend before Halloween, Oct 29th-30th, I assembled my piece during Bridgeway Christian Church services and finalized the piece a few weeks later in November. The piece is titled “Take My Hand.”, is 48″ x 36″ and this time, I was excited to try some new tools. We all love new tools, right?!?!

So, in my usual fashion, I prepared my pattern which takes a week tweaking tones and shapes, and dimensions. I traced and precut all of the fabric pieces by hand for about three weeks and then pinned my work onto a canvas. This time, however, I omitted the “sewing the fabric down” stage (known as machine applique) and found a permanently fusible web that I really like and can iron down without problems and it worked!  (Unlike the last fiasco I attempted with The Agony– which you can find on my Facebook page- where the fusible web failed and I had to painstakingly sew every single piece down before I could stretch it on canvas.)  I am so happy with the results of this piece and I believe I have finally figured out how to bring my fiber art world to a live audience!  (And no, I don’t have to haul around my sewing machine. Lol)

I have included a slideshow, they are not the best photos, but I hope you still enjoy!

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