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My Journey With Bible Journaling…

It’s now officially summer, and that means a few weeks to slow down and spend time with my family. I’ve had a very busy year and haven’t been able to focus much on my art. However, next year, my youngest is finally entering Kindergarten, and that means, Mama finally will have some time to herself!  And I didn’t hesitate for long…

I started Bible Journaling about a week ago and posted photos of my pages on my Instagram and Facebook page. I’ve had a couple of people ask me about it. “Bible Journaling? What is it?” Bible Journaling is something that is becoming a hot trend right now, but in actuality, it’s been around for a long time. People have been doodling in the margins or empty spaces in their bibles forever. Some very quietly, some very elaborate. Many people scoff at it, and many love it. It’s a personal preference. However, today, there are dedicated bibles and coloring books made just for this purpose. I have two- a My Creative Bible (KJV) (Amazon) hardcover and an Inspire (NLT) paperback (Amazon). For me, it was a complete and natural act; I had no hesitation other than gathering supplies. And once I started, OFF I WENT. I have found that this has been the BEST method for me to stay on a reading plan, reflect and contemplate what is the message, what is this teaching me, and then respond visually to Scripture.

I also joined a Facebook group dedicated to Bible Journaling (there’s a beginners group too) which posts daily reading plans or verses or monthly schedules. I choose to go with the first one that popped up at the time, and the theme is “Wholeness through
IMG_20170604_145402_724Brokenness.” There are several monthly reading plans, even weekly plans, out there. I just happened to pick this one, and am sticking with it through the end. There is even a Women of the Bible theme, and I may attempt that one next- we’ll see what pops up for July. Currently, I see fellow “journal’ers” posting of their work to a Hope theme, but I haven’t figured out where they have gotten the schedule at yet. lol.

So, for the next month, watch my Instagram or Facebook pages, because they are my most active accounts and I’ll post something each day. 😉